New sketches

In the midst of some rather exciting changes in my life, which I will tell more about in a later post, I’ve completely forgotten to post my new sketches. It’s months since I last drew anything, and it felt SO GOOD to finally be doing it again.

The first picture, which you can also see in my gallery at deviantART, is a semi-finished picture of a character in Forgotten Sorcery. She is called Nell and is the daughter of an innkeeper in a village they travel through. So far she doesn’t really have any important part to play in the story, but it kind of… bothers me a bit. I like her. Maybe things will change…



The second picture is a lot more sketchy, and is a hastily coloured version of an old pencil sketch. Even if it’s just a brief sketch I like it – I feel like there’s a character in there just waiting to get out. So far I’m stuck at “what Tiaden (in Rogue Sorcery) would look like if he was female” – but he is and will continue to be male. So who is she? Time will tell! I had intended to refine it a lot more, but… I don’t know.

Coloured small



Yet a redesign (sort of) + new sketches

Hi all!

It’s a long time since I’ve written here last. I am on day four of my big Editing Month, which so far is going… eeeh. Let’s not talk about it. (I haven’t even edited a single chapter yet)

Of other news, I redesigned the blog again, sort of. It’s the same header and background, only with a light theme this time. I’ve never really been fond of dark themes, and while it looks good in the galleries, I find it quite tiresome on the eyes when I read a lot of text. Besides, I thought it would be a good thing to get it closer to my Norwegian blog, since they’re about much the same thing. Besides, I like the design, and I think it looks neater. I wish you could adjust the fonts a bit more – I have Easy Google Fonts installed, but no matter what I do, I cannot change the blog entry titles on the front page. I do like the intricate font that I use in the header and the widget titles…

Slightly more importantly, I have begun drawing again. I had intended to draw a new header for the Norwegian blog, but of course that didn’t happen. Instead I finished two sketches – the first one based on an old, old picture, and the other just a sketch.

The first one is of a character named Itheluna. I used a lot of soft brushes for this piece, so it looks a bit vague and dreamy. The original sketch was intended to look dreamy because the character was dead, but alas, she is not. She might wish she was – but in any case, she is not anywhere near the main character at the moment, and thus she merely remains in his dreams. While painting I suddenly realised that this is the same character as the also-absent lover of another character of mine. It seems like that has happened quite a lot lately. I had the idea of a military man whose wife was kidnapped, and he spent years longing after her. And then I realised… that’s exactly what happened here, too, except that the character in the sketch is an elf. When I realised that, suddenly important parts of her backstory clicked into place. Why was there such opposition towards him marrying her? Well, because she (perhaps) belonged to a different tribe, and she wasn’t the pretty little wife his family wanted for him, but a stubborn, independent woman who had happened to be on the wrong side in a war.