Sketchbook Saturday

Here’s a new Sketchbook Saturday! I haven’t really drawn a lot lately – this is mostly the product of last week or the week before – but have focused on my writing. I am officially one week ahead of my revision plan, as I finished writing down every scene in the current draft yesterday (my deadline is the 14th). There are some scenes or info I had planned that are missing from the draft, so I’ll find the timeline file today and start tweaking it. The start of the book is supposed to be in early spring, but I’m thinking of changing it to late autumn. It will explain some things better and make other things a bit more logical. I also need to figure out how the rather sudden plot changes I made during the previous draft affect the timeline.

IMG_20160207_125340But enough of that, I have sketches for you! This time my project was to practice shoulders and anatomy. As you can see I started out diligently, but veered quickly off track. In the end I just sketched some random portraits because, well, I couldn’t just leave the page half-empty.

I’ve also reached the conclusion that even if slightly rough paper is supposed to be good for drawing (texture and whatnot), I really don’t like it. Perhaps it’s because I naturally draw very small pictures – possibly a heritage from my days of doodling in the margins of my schoolboks. You can’t get really small and intricate details right on rough paper. At least I can’t, so I prefer really smooth and fine paper. Which means that all those “proper” sketchbooks are out the window… Not that I can afford to spend money on those anyway.

Have you sketched this week? Share a link!

Art Comparison: Winter’s Child

When inspiration runs low and I cannot think about a single thing to paint, I often redo old pictures. The “right” thing to do would be to start from scratch, but I simply continue working on the original picture. Still the two versions often end up being very different.

This is a comparison of two pictures you’ll find over at my dA account (I haven’t added any of my new pictures to my gallery here yet) of the main character of Rogue Sorcery, Shanni. At the time the first picture was painted, she was still called Shanouna (though Shanni sort of was the short form), and I had wanted to paint her in the snow. In danger of sounding pretentious, many of my stories have oppositions that relate to the seasons or elements. Shanni has always been winter. One of the story beginnings, which I wrote about in this post, starts in an unnamed valley in the winter, and has sort of become the picture I always have in my head of her. But also personality-wise – she is not really cold, but she often seems like it. She’s both dark as the night and yet bright as the snow at the same time. Both beautiful and dangerous, mysterious and scary. At times.

Anyway, I’ve written far too much. Here’s the picture – there’s around ten years between the two pictures, so there of course should be quite a bit of a difference, but I am always glad to see it… 😉

Winter's child comparison

What do you think?

New sketches

In the midst of some rather exciting changes in my life, which I will tell more about in a later post, I’ve completely forgotten to post my new sketches. It’s months since I last drew anything, and it felt SO GOOD to finally be doing it again.

The first picture, which you can also see in my gallery at deviantART, is a semi-finished picture of a character in Forgotten Sorcery. She is called Nell and is the daughter of an innkeeper in a village they travel through. So far she doesn’t really have any important part to play in the story, but it kind of… bothers me a bit. I like her. Maybe things will change…



The second picture is a lot more sketchy, and is a hastily coloured version of an old pencil sketch. Even if it’s just a brief sketch I like it – I feel like there’s a character in there just waiting to get out. So far I’m stuck at “what Tiaden (in Rogue Sorcery) would look like if he was female” – but he is and will continue to be male. So who is she? Time will tell! I had intended to refine it a lot more, but… I don’t know.

Coloured small



Yet a redesign (sort of) + new sketches

Hi all!

It’s a long time since I’ve written here last. I am on day four of my big Editing Month, which so far is going… eeeh. Let’s not talk about it. (I haven’t even edited a single chapter yet)

Of other news, I redesigned the blog again, sort of. It’s the same header and background, only with a light theme this time. I’ve never really been fond of dark themes, and while it looks good in the galleries, I find it quite tiresome on the eyes when I read a lot of text. Besides, I thought it would be a good thing to get it closer to my Norwegian blog, since they’re about much the same thing. Besides, I like the design, and I think it looks neater. I wish you could adjust the fonts a bit more – I have Easy Google Fonts installed, but no matter what I do, I cannot change the blog entry titles on the front page. I do like the intricate font that I use in the header and the widget titles…

Slightly more importantly, I have begun drawing again. I had intended to draw a new header for the Norwegian blog, but of course that didn’t happen. Instead I finished two sketches – the first one based on an old, old picture, and the other just a sketch.

The first one is of a character named Itheluna. I used a lot of soft brushes for this piece, so it looks a bit vague and dreamy. The original sketch was intended to look dreamy because the character was dead, but alas, she is not. She might wish she was – but in any case, she is not anywhere near the main character at the moment, and thus she merely remains in his dreams. While painting I suddenly realised that this is the same character as the also-absent lover of another character of mine. It seems like that has happened quite a lot lately. I had the idea of a military man whose wife was kidnapped, and he spent years longing after her. And then I realised… that’s exactly what happened here, too, except that the character in the sketch is an elf. When I realised that, suddenly important parts of her backstory clicked into place. Why was there such opposition towards him marrying her? Well, because she (perhaps) belonged to a different tribe, and she wasn’t the pretty little wife his family wanted for him, but a stubborn, independent woman who had happened to be on the wrong side in a war.