The Magnificent Worldbuilding Plan

I have an Aeon Timeline file called The Magnificent Timeline of Everything, so of course my worldbuilding plan had to be called something similar. This list is posted here to keep me somewhat accountable, and contains all the worldbuilding-related things I need to figure out before I finish Rogue Sorcery. I might have forgotten some things, and new things might come up along the way, but you have to start somewhere. I tried to have some sort of chronological order to it, but I think it only lasted for a few bullet points. 😉

Note: I hope there are no spoilers here – I certainly tried to keep it spoiler-free and yet informative enough for my own part – but if there are, sorry!

  1. Names of the imperial provinces
  2. Shiar’s new name (two main characters with very similar names – not an extremely good idea)
  3. Languages of the empire – local variants/languages vs. Taldunian vs. the trading tongue: What is spoken where and in which situations? Is the trading tongue used within the empire, or only in communication with the outside world? What about OFT? Are things translated? What languages are official documents and contracts written in?
  4. How do the provinces and the empire interact?
  5. Important place names (in English for now, then translate when Taldunian is done)
  6. Communication within the empire
  7. Systems of government in each province – who rules at the lower levels?
  8. Important cities and landmarks in each province, and their names
  9. Who holds the main power in the provinces when the generals are away, and how do they ensure that this power isn’t abused?
  10. Nicknames for the generals
  11. Finish the main traits of the modern Taldunian
  12. How did each province become part of the empire, and what were they before? Brief history and notable events
  13. How do people feel about being part of the empire? How patriotic are they?
  14. Social standing and status
  15. Nobles and noble houses, other important social groups
  16. Law enforcement and how it differs within the provinces
  17. How does the empire stay together?
  18. Distinctive traits of each province
  19. Leadership changes of the provinces
  20. Level of democracy (or lack thereof)
  21. How do the armies work?
  22. Religions and superstition
  23. Travel and trade, relations to the outside world
  24. Wirun:
    1. Brief history
    2. Trade and communication, tourism
    3. Government and politics
    4. Layout
    5. Everyday life, culture, social status
    6. Religion/superstition
    7. How do the events in RS influence the city?
    8. Education and movement between social classes
    9. Is the city typical to an imperial city?
    10. Nobles and rulers, the rich people
  25. The village:
    1. How does it stay hidden? Does X have anything to do with it, and does a particular event affect it?
    2. How is the village ruled?
    3. Village versus the smaller “satellite villages”
    4. Relations between and history of the village, dragon castle, bandits, the kingdom beyond the mountains and the empire. Why has the kingdom not become part of the empire? What happened to it?
    5. Brief history of the conflict
    6. How did the village survive while the other tribes disappeared?
    7. Man vs. nature/monsters
    8. Religion, daily life and so on.
  26. Regional prejudice – what do the provinces think of each other and the capital? What do they think of the generals?