Ayamar is the setting of the Sorcery Cycle, and perhaps 90% of all of my other stories. It is in many ways a messed-up world, and has been since the beginning. Not only was it the “victim” of the gods who created it, but also the first sorcerers, who in many ways had god-like powers and created magic that did not disappear when they died. The result of this became a world whose evolution stopped, despite no shortage of clever brains with revolutionary ideas, and whose development constantly is hindered by the many dangers of the world.

Follow the links below or in the dropdown menu above, and you will find more information on the peculiarities and history of the world. Since I have focused the most on the areas I will need to know for my writing, many topics will only be touched upon briefly.



Northern Isles

South Continent

Continent X

Continent Y

Forgotten Islands


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