The worlds

At the time of writing, I have two current conworlds in progress. My oldest, and by far my favourite, is Ayamar. It was created when I first started writing original fiction – I do not know the exact year, but probably around 2000/2001, which was when the first beginnings of Rogue Sorcery were created. Since then it has evolved, or rather spun rapidly out of control.

In many ways Ayamar is a faulty world, where much of the history and the gods can be explained as “trying to fix what is wrong”. It was never supposed to be created, but one of the gods just had to be sneaky.Had it not been for its inherent faultiness, the plot of Rogue Sorcery would never have come about. If you want to read more about why and how things went wrong, the creation story will be up very soon.

The other world is so far just called the Hub World, which is roughly what all its names can be translated to. It is a far more recent creation, created for a specific story. Even if the story has not worked out so far, the idea of the world stuck.

The general idea behind the Hub World is that there are many, many worlds in existence, with portals through which you can travel to other worlds from your own. In the middle, just like the hub of a wheel, is a world that is connected to them all, and who keeps an eye on the somewhat flawed system. Worlds have different atmospheres, for example, and it would be a spectacularly bad idea to let a portal remain open to one of them, as you would cause anyone going through – something which may well happen by accident – to die. Of course, this sometimes happen on purpose, and perhaps more often, rogue portals may spontaneously appear out of nowhere.

Follow the links in the sidebar or the drop-down menu above for more information. Please note that many places and continents still have silly placeholder names – these will be replaced as soon as I get to them, since I have not had time to work on every part of the worlds yet.

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