The Dragon and the Vagabond is my English blog. It started a few years ago over at Blogger, where it currently still exists until I get everything imported and moved. The title refers to the elf you see in the header. His name is Aiwar Kían, and he’s not only known as a fearless adventurer, but the people in his world who have the shapeshifting ability is named after him. I guess it’s not hard to guess what the title refers to.

On this blog I write about my creative projects – mainly writing, painting, conlangs and conworlds. Occasionally there might be a book review, or something quite unrelated to any of the above. Perhaps I’d like to write something about my language research, for example. Part of me envies those who manage to stick to one subject on their blog(s) – I wanted to do that too, once, and had one photo blog, one writing blog, one book blog… But I’m simply not made for it. Now I currently have my Norwegian book blog (Bokorm med Skrivekløe), this blog and my photoblog, Csandal.com. Somehow along the way I also acquired a blog about diet and exercise and similar topics, which you can find here.

So, who am I? I am from Norway, and I am a linguist by training who somehow ended up as a secretary/accountant by trade. I am an amateur writer, painter, worldbuilder, conlanger and photographer, and if that was not enough, I also run, do Irish dancing, study Korean and dabble in music. I am a not-very-recovering bookaholic, I love animals and I have an endless fascination for weird grammatical constructions.

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