The Elvish Languages

The Elvish languages is a language family from the northern part of Ayamar. It evolved from Ancient Elvish, which is still spoken here and there, and contains four daughter languages – North River Elvish, Gelgarin Elvish, West Nomadic Elvish and East Nomadic Elvish. For a long time the two latter were considered to be dialects.

Ancient Elvish was, according to the official Elvish version of the tale, a language made by the first elves, who had forgotten their own language. It does seem to have begun in a very systematic and logical manner, and some things do not seem as if they would have evolved naturally. However, there are some aspects of their grammar that may indicate otherwise, whether it shows an earlier language stage or simply a borrowing of another language. This of course begs the question: Why are they so insistant on keeping up the pretense, and what are they trying to hide?

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