The languages

Perhaps this page would be better titled “How things got out of hand” or, possibly, “a certain someone has no idea how to restrain herself from making far too much out of little things”. I swear, I was only going to make enough of Ancient Elvish to make some names and have a foundation for Gelgarin Elvish (the only Elvish language that I actually intended to make). But things lead to other things that lead to yet other things, and on my to do-list I now have: Ancient Elvish, North River Elvish, Gelgarin Elvish, West Nomadic Elvish, East Nomadic Elvish, Taldûnian and the Trade Tongue. Plus, of course, some very basic information about other languages, for names and such things. (Now where have I heard that before?)

Follow the links in the menu above to read more about Taldûnian and the Elvish Languages.

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