The stories

The WriterMost of what I’ve written so far is part of a large project called Tales of Ayamar. This project contains stories from my constructed world Ayamar, which is a world without much technology, but all the more magic. I also write from The Hub World, which is the hub that connects all the other worlds in the universe (including Ayamar). The Hub World started out as an experiment in what would happen if you managed to make technology and magic work together.


The Sorcery Cycle

Shanni is a sorceress, but she has a problem. She has travelled half the continent without being able to find work, which is bad, but she has also lost the ability to use her powers, which is far worse. If left unused, they will slowly eat her up from the inside out. And yet, when she stumbles across a half-dead young soldier by the wayside, she cannot just let him lie there and die.

But that is not the worst. Strange things are happening in Ayamar, and they all seem centered around the old empire of Taldûni. A strange sorceress nobody has seen before seems like the obvious culprit. And the emperor, Arodhi, is willing to do just about anything, consequences be damned, for a threat against his lands.

The Sorcery Cycle will consist of three novels: Rogue Sorcery, which is described above, Forgotten Sorcery and Natural Sorcery, but parts of the plot will also reach into The Madness (below).


The Madness

Ancient, magical, dangerous forests are no strange thing in Ayamar. But dark rumours have begun to spread about the Border Forest. The elves have shut themselves out from the world, and their queen is spoken of in hushed tones. The creatures it has been designed to shelter has begun dying or despairing, and their agony can be heard all the way to the quiet little farm just outside the vast forest. There is a madness in the forest, a madness that’s been allowed to fester. In the midst of this, a stranger comes to the farm, through the forest itself, and he is not alone.


The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper owns a moderately successful shop in the Hub World, with a rather interesting clientele from all kinds of worlds. His customers think he is an alright guy, if he only could mind his own business. Little do they know what really is his business, and he is under strict orders from the Court of Magic – as if they really have the authority to give him orders – not to tell. He is the Keeper of the Portals, the Gatekeeper, the one who knows immediately when something is wrong. And one day, something really is wrong.

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