The Hub World

The Hub World can in many ways be compared to a spider, whose webs stretch far into places it should not be able to reach. On the surface the Hub World is like many other worlds, with peaceful and not-so-peaceful countries, various styles of government and so on. However, behind it all there is a Court of Magic, which has the power to overrule any government – not only in the Hub World itself, but (less openly, but still) in many of the worlds connected to it as well. And it has to. The portals between the worlds are a tool so powerful that any misuse could be catastrophic, and they must be firmly under control. Not only that, but they ensure that the laws of magic are followed, and that none with magical talent either abuse others or are abused by others because of their abilities. The Hub World is technologically advanced, and have made great progress in how to combine magic and technology.

The Hub Worlds (in plural) is the name of the set of worlds that are connected to the Hub World. (Confused yet?) This includes Ayamar, for example, but also a vast number of other worlds. Only the Keeper of the portals know the exact number.

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