New Beginnings

New beginnings

I’ve been neglecting this blog an awful lot. Not only that, but I feel like what I’ve posted, have been things that I have posted in order to post something, or because I felt like complaining, not because I’ve had something useful or even entertaining to share. I know I am far too self-critical here, it’s kind of my thing – but still, that’s not why I wanted to start a blog in the first place, nor the kind of blog I want to have.

Now, to be fair, I have had my fair share of work- and money-related issues, stress and burnout, which was far worse than I thought and which has ultimately lead to my being on my third month of sick leave. No wonder I couldn’t find the energy to write what felt like “proper” blog posts, or even post more often.

There, now all the complaining is out of the way. The point of this post is that while my life is getting a proper overhaul (looking for a new job, working out…), so will the blog. I haven’t gotten very far, I have basically just come up with the new colour scheme (the title image contains a tiny hint of what the new blog will be like), but it’s on its way.

The blog contents will also change. At this point I cannot say exactly how, but fewer status updates and more actual useful content, in the first place. A more coherent visual expression and a colour scheme that actually suits me. More graphics. More like the blog/website I actually wanted to have, not the one I ended up with.

What to do with what I already have is a question that’s still up in the air. There’s a lot of old stuff. Lots of plugins and widgets, some active and some not, and I’m no longer sure which does what. Lots of workarounds that are no longer necessary, but which I don’t really know how to undo. I don’t really care to show new readers much of the old content, and let’s face it… I don’t have many readers here at all. It seems like a good opportunity for a brand new start, so I’m leaning towards moving this blog to a subdomain (I don’t have the heart to delete it, and I have enough space), and starting a brand new blog here. Or, alternatively, buy a new domain. I’m really not sure. I’m never sure to be honest…


And then there’s the question of the name. I ditched The Dragon and the Vagabond, it became too… stiff. Then it became just – but I’ve never really liked that; it doesn’t say much. It’s my nickname most places online, but still… I could of course separate the art blog (using my username here) and the writing blog, but that would also feel wrong. I do want a blog title that says something about who I am and what I do. As far as I can see, these are my alternatives:

  1. Keep as both the address and the blog name
  2. Keep as the address, but rename the blog to reflect what it’s about. Let’s face it, few people google my name… 😛
  3. Keep as the address, but use my real name. I don’t think it’s hard to find out what my real name is, but I might actually write under another name, and that might make it weird.
  4. Keep the domain,  but use a name that reflects the topic and purchase a domain to go with it.
  5. Use my real name and purchase a domain to go with it.
  6. Do either number 3 or 5, but with whatever I decide upon as my pen name, not my real name.

If I decide to go with option 4-6, I might use as more of a portfolio site. The blog will of course be updated when I post something new, but perhaps it’s better with a more static site. Kind of like this:

Overview new system

The writing blog, whatever it will end up being called, will be the thing that links it together. I’m not sure if I’ll actually have an author website, perhaps I’ll just have a domain for my pen name and redirect it to the writing blog, who knows.

Aaah, decisions. I hate them. I always change my mind and agonize over everything.

Not the new colour scheme, though. I like the colour scheme. Once I’ve fine-tuned it.

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