23 things I’ve done instead of starting Camp NaNoWriMo

This was supposed to be a very motivational “Yay! It’s Camp Nano again and I’m going to write all the words!” type of post, but then it hit me. Have I actually done anything Camp NaNoWriMo-related at all so far?


Before anyone comes up with a kind-hearted “oh, but you’ve probably been busy”, I haven’t. I’m currently on sick leave, and while that does hinder productivity a bit, I also have more time. Apart from a run and a coffee with a good friend yesterday, I haven’t had any plans at all since April began. But I’ve procrastinated, oh yes. Most of it sensible things, but still.

This is what I have done instead of writing today:

  1. Played countless rounds of Solitaire via Messenger in order to beat my friend’s record. This is apparently very important.
  2. Watched videos on how to do a pushup with proper technique, followed by stretching videos and how to decompress ankles and so on, which are all quite relevant actually, but this also lead to videos with Try Not To Laugh challenges, videos on movie tropes (some of which I’ve seen before), funny but pointless Buzzfeed videos…
  3. Listened to music. Listened to some more music. Tried to find music I’m not tired of. Realised my head is too tired for the music I want to listen to right now.
  4. Foam rolled my achy hips and ankles/calves.
  5. Contemplated making coffee.
  6. Didn’t make coffee.
  7. Contemplated watching Lord of the Rings (extended trilogy) again. Still not decided. I mean, if you’ve seen them enough to basically know them by heart, you can get some writing done at the same time, right?
  8. Ate a sorry excuse for a breakfast, then crisps. Wish I could say it was because I’ve been healthy all week, but alas…
  9. Went through a dance I made. Still iffy to music and I struggle to understand my own notes. Feeling like a hack and considered scrapping the whole thing because I apparently can’t make up steps. Even if, you know, I just finished a whole dance.
  10. Felt sorry for myself because my head hurts. I’ve slept too long and just quit soda.
  11. Wondered if it’s horribly financially irresponsible to order a pizza instead of making dinner tonight, even if I have all the ingredients and it takes only a moment. I feel like today’s a pizza day, but I don’t have any grocery stores nearby that are open on Sundays, and I don’t feel like venturing out of the house today anyway. This is still a work in progress, by the way. Has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned videos I watched.
  12. Tried to think of ways to do what I like for a living. My current job sucks and job searching isn’t very fun (but still has to be done). Would have been easier if working within sales was an option (I would suck at it and hate it intensely).
  13. Wrote this blog post.
  14. Checked the status of an order I know isn’t sent (waiting for stock, and not much happens on Sunday anyway).
  15. Tried to stop myself from redesigning this website. It has to be done, but after Camp NaNoWriMo, damnit!
  16. Did the dishes.
  17. Tidied up my apartment.
  18. Had blueberries that ended up not tasting very good. Not worth tempting my allergies for. (Not fully allergic, just slightly intolerant to most types of fruit and berries.) Disappointed.
  19. Seriously craved pizza.
  20. Caved and ordered pizza. Ate the whole thing instead of saving some of it for tonight.
  21. Did laundry.
  22. Played Endless Lake (a mindless Facebook game) probably close to 100 times.
  23. Made the stupid coffee. Thought it tasted funny, and that I maybe hadn’t rinsed the milk creamer properly. Threw it out and did it all again. Now I am out of milk.

So there you have it! It’s still early though, so there is hope.

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