Week 6 recap

It started so well.

On Sunday I got 3k in, and I really felt like I improved on what was there before, even if it’s perhaps the chapter with the least amount of changes. On Monday I wrote 400 words, and 1.2k on Tuesday.

And that was it. Last Wednesday I didn’t get home until half past seven or so. I could have written, I really could. On Mondays I don’t get home before eight anyway, and while 400 words isn’t much, it’s something. Thursdays are not writing days, nor are Fridays, but I tried to get enough translations done on Friday so that I could focus on writing for the rest of the weekend.

Well. That didn’t quite go as planned.

You see, Saturday I had an extra dance class, and with the commute and the stupid Saturday bus schedule plus grocery shopping, I was away for nearly six hours. But of course I wrote when I came back home, right? Nope. I had underestimated the time my translations would take, so that was the only thing I did until Sunday at four. Needless to say, I was too tired to write, at least if I wanted to function at work today. Sooo… the two writing days I had counted on last week went out the window.

As for this week, I am carefully hopeful. I won’t have time to write on Tuesday and Wednesday, due to appointments and translations. But I will keep my calendar as empty as possible next weekend so that I can write. Being optimistic never hurts, right?

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