Let’s do it all!

As most writers do, I have several projects on my to-do list. I am not sure “several” really captures it, but among my Asana projects I have six novel projects plus two short story collections (for Wattpad, probably), as well as one that I’ve forgotten to make a project for. I have two weeks to edit Rogue Sorcery before The Grand Manuscript Exchange with Cicilie (otherwise known as “oh, by the way, here’s the USB stick”). And I have allowed the worst thing possible to happen.

I have another story idea. It isn’t a “proper” idea, it doesn’t tie into any other project I have or anything like that. Quite on the contrary, the idea was conceived when reading snarky recaps of 50 Shades of Grey as well as the subsequent discussion. I realised that I had a rather intense urge to write something fun and somewhat cliché and silly.

Perhaps I just need to get it out of my system, but there are also so many things I have wanted to write for ages but have never been able to fit into a story. (Fun fact time! Did you know Rogue Sorcery initially had pirates in it? Yep, I still hold a grudge towards myself for that cut.)

What I know

The plan is that the story will be one of my NaNoWriMo novels this November. I also really want to share it as soon as possible, and will either upload it to Wattpad or simply here on the blog as the chapters are finished.

So far, the novel will have steamy romance, hot but creepy demons/creatures who look human but aren’t, sinister businessmen/weapon dealers, a sassy main character, an even more sassy sidekick, a brooding or snarky assassin, adventure, pirates, airships, technowizards (for lack of a better word – wizards who combine magic and technology in a way) and sorcerers, a mysterious library (have I ever written a story without a library in it?), dark and occult secrets, and plenty more.

In other words: Overkill.

If this was a serious project, I would probably have cut at least 2/3 of these things. But this is purely a “get it out of your system” novel that I think will be great fun to write. That’s really the entire point to this. That, and perhaps someone will like a novel that is crammed full of everything I like. Well, almost. It doesn’t have dragons, or elves. Yet.

There miiight be some problems combining all of these elements, since some needs a modern setting and some are clearly more epic fantasy. Perhaps a multi-world adventure of sorts? Actually… I already have a setting that fits, for the Hub World stories that are never finished.

I will probably post a few updates on the planning progress here, if people are interested. Hopefully it won’t fully distract me from editing… One can only hope.

2 thoughts on “Let’s do it all!

  1. Cicilie says:

    Oooo, thank you for the link to Asana. I totally know what I’ll be doing later instead of editing. Seriously though, have edited five chapters so far, it’s 28 degrees in here, and my brain is dying. I need to do something else.

    I personally can’t wait to read the steamy Nanowrimo story! It sounds like it will be a whole lot of fun, and something that is exactly what you need to write. Just be careful it doesn’t turn into a series, that can happen quicker than you’d think. (Yes, speaking from ‘Remnants’ experience, the fun project that turned totally serious and huge).

    • Catrine S says:

      Well, you know me – when have I ever written anything that doesn’t turn into a series? I don’t mind though, as long as it doesn’t turn very huge.

      (Sorry for the late reply, by the way, WordPress apparently decided that I no longer need to know if anyone comments…)

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