Word for word

The approaching NaNoWriMo seems to have overwhelmed me this year. I spent most of september really, really looking forward to it, and now? I am suddenly very much aware of how little plot I have, how I haven’t even the faintest idea of what story I want to write (I cannot continue with my series before the previous three are somewhat more edited), and I suddenly have far less writing time than I previously thought, despite the fact that I have MORE writing time than last year.

I don’t think the feeling is really related to NaNoWriMo. It’s more the fact that there’s been one more month of barely being able to afford anything whatsoever. I have a competition coming up in Haag, in the end of November, which meant that I had to use most of my food money (and all the money I needed to use to pay off my credit card bills) for the plane tickets, as there were only two tickets left. I will eventually get some of it covered (or I wouldn’t choose to go), but not before next month. I am looking for extra jobs and other ways of earning money, but it takes time. It’s probably not the wisest thing to do, going to a competition abroad when finances are so bad, but the plane ticket is paid and there is no return on it, so there’s no use in regretting it.

Instead of planning NaNoWriMo, I’ve been working on one of my constructed languages, Ancient Elvish. I finished the morphology and syntax last week, I think, so now I’ve been making words. It’s really, really fun. So far the word count is 34 words – most of these are derived from each other, but still – and I’m pleased so far. Most of them are housing terms or words associated with the names of the seasons, plus some verbs. I’m very pleased with it so far, but I guess that’s mostly the “I am fiiinally able to make words” that is speaking.

I have probably spent far more time on it than I should, considering that it is really only the starting point for the languages I really want to make, but somehow it caught my interest along the way. It is an intentionally flawed language, but I like it.